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Lovely, High Energy Amethyst

Amethyst is a very special high-frequency stone.  It is known as the Stone of Spirituality because of its high and extremely Spiritual frequency.  Along with Copper, it not only elevates your frequency but it also draws higher energy frequencies to you.  It facilitates Awakening.
Amethyst is in the Quartz family.  It is a Quartz with the mineral content creating the purple color.
(See details on more stones on the Gemstone Meanings link.)

A.  B.
A. $27. 17" SOLD

B. $25  Delicate 16 1/2" Amethyst stone of Spirituality + Peach Pearls for Serenity + Integrity.  Sterling Silver


$39.  This 17' necklace has Genuine delicate SAPPHIRES!  Amethyst dangles with lighter Amethyst around the necklace.  The 3 front Amethyst dangles have the lovely Sapphireson the bottom. The Center one has another Sapphire on top.  Sapphire is known as the Wisdom Stone, for Focus and Serenity also. Clasp and wires of solid Copper: master conductor of high frequencies.  Along with Amethyst, copper also elevates your frequencies and draws elevated frequencies to you. It also enhances qualities of the stones it touches.

C. 17"  17" Amethyst necklace with Sapphires. (passing along the excellent price I got on them) $39

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