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Necklaces with Natural Gemstone Nuggets

A. 18" Gorgeous but simple $27. Amethyst center natural nugget (stone of Spirituality) with genuine Tanzanites (for Enhanced Perception), Quartz (Enlightenment + Elevated Frequencies) and gold Pearls (Serenity + Integrity)
B.  15.5" $25.  Amethyst Nugget center (stone of Spirituality), with vintage Brass, teal Amazonite (sharpens Perceptions) and 2 genuine Emerald nuggets on each side (Healing + Abundance), with more matte natural Amethyst.  Czech glass beige seed beads with a slight mother-of--pearl reflectiveness. Solid copper clasp.

C.  D.
C. 17",  $25.  Fluorite center (Healing, mental Clarity). See label in photo.

D. 20", $29. Amethyst center nugget with matte natural Amethyst most the way around (Spirituality).  See label in photo. Smokey Quartz, aqua Angelite and above that are 2 very rare Gold Coral teardrops and lots more Amethyst and a solid Copper clasp.

E. 15.5", $33.  This is Such a sweet necklace with petite lustrous Pearls (Serenity + Integrity) and lovely Citrine (stone of Prosperity).
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