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Sacred Space: Oil on canvas illustration for my book. (50" x 38" in frame)

Sacred Space.  Cover art for "Exploring Sacred Space: A Vast Quest".  42" x 30" oil on canvas. The origial oil is available. Please Contact Me if you are interested.  See image below to see the frame.  See more from this Sacred Space series in the Recent Artwork link from the home page.

12" x 17" signed, signed and numbered Lithograph of Sacred Space above. Small edition of 25. There are 3 or 4 left in this edition. $25


Above image is a bad photo and doesn't display the beauty of the painting, and it has glare, but it shows the beautiful 4" frame.  

Contact me if interested in this 4' x 3' original oil on canvas.

An Initiate’s Dream:
Thoth & An Age of Awakening

     The origial 16" x 20" oil sold in 1998.  Image used as the Cover Illustration for an edition of "The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean" 

(You may find some copies on Amazon)

Unframed 18”x23” signed Lithograph on acid-free fine art paper

  $14  each.  It will be shipped in a tube. (Sale Price)

Ascension: The Awakening

19" x 23" framed oil painting.  Click on image for an enlargement and a detailed description.  This original oil is also available. Contact me if interested in the original.  I've been to Egypt twice, and painted this to capture a sense of mystery and majesty connected with Nefertiti, wife of Ahkenaton. The release of the bird in flight symbolizes the enlightenment they brought with knowledge of "The Law of One" God.


Enchanted Sunrise: Hawaii On My Mind

30" x 36" framed original oil on canvas. Painted while living in Hawai to capture the magnificent colors and the mood of mystery.  Click to see full image and description.


Oil on canvas painted while living in Hawaii in 1988 to capture the magnificent colors and the sense of mystery of those islands.

Twighlight in Lahaina

48" x 36" oil on canvas. Click to see full image and description.

30" x 40" Original oil on canvas. Painted while living in Hawaii in 1988.  Forgive the glare in the middle.  I painted this while living in Lahaina, Hawaii in the mid 1980s. I painted it to capture the magnificent sunset colors, and the painting creates a serene yet dramatic atmosphere.  $1,900.  If iyou're nterested contact me and we can discuss shipping.

The above is part of a 2' x 4' oil painting called "Little Warrior".  Click to see it if you'd like.

Below:  Sparrowhawk and Tibetan Dancer

Life-size clay sculptures. My first sculptures done in 1974. 


Click below to see some tapestry-like weavings I had done in 1974 with rich natural fibers.


 Left: My first tapestry called "Purana Ghatta" -- Ancient Home in Sanskrit.

Woven with a technique I created using unspun and hand-dyed natural fibers including raw silk, linen, jute, alpaca, mohair and wool. This one is sold. It's 4" x 6".  Woven in 1975. Click to see a page with many of them.

Click to see a page of these and other tapestires woven of natural fibers in the 1970's. All sold. These were 36" x 36". Woven with a technique I created of using rich, unspun natural fibers. The borders of these are woven of raw, unspun silk with unspun linen circles.

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