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Dangle Necklaces with lovely faceted Blue Chalcedony and more
Chalcedony has very serene and Spiritual frequencies.  It is a stone mentioned in the Bible. "It touches the energy field like a soothing blue cool mountain lake."  from The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach.

17" Upper necklace $33, also shown alone right. Apologies for the wrong card inside it. Upper necklace drops from left: Gray Australian Pietersite: Insight, increased Power.  Green Aventurine: Confidence.  Chalcedony center.  Purple/Clear Fluorite: Mental Clarity.   Blue Kyanite on the end: Spirituality, Intuitive/Psychic Ability. With Blue Apatite: Intuitive/Psychic Activation and Access to Knowledge.  Copper elevates frequencies and draws high frequencies to you.

18 1/2"  $35, Lower left necklace. Amethyst: Spirituality + Elevated Frequencies. Large Quartz ovals: Stone of Enlightenment + Healing. Dangles from left: African Opals: Strength. Lapis: Total Awareness. Chalcedony center: Improved Memory. Amethyst drop. Aventurine: Confidence.

16 1/4"  $22. Chalcedony: Serenity, Improved Memory and Light-Heartedness.  With lovely gold Czech Glass and Sterling Silver clasp

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