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The Amazing Power of Calcite Balls

Calcite balls are SO intriguing and uniquely powerful.  Or I should say rather that SOME Calcite balls have these magnificent qualities.  See the entire account of Calcite balls in "Gemstone Experiences" from the home page.  I found my first Calcite ball around 2008 when a small ball on a vendor's shelf pulled me in like a magnet because of its incredible power.  A few days later, and it was no "coincidence", I discovered a hard-to-find book called "The Element of Harmony".  It turned out to be a study of the true qualities of gemstones written by a Russian clairvoyant and her Irish husband.  

In that book they wrote that certain Calcite balls are powerful stones of Manifestation.  I was amazed because I had also found the unique energy they wrote about, But NOT ALL Calcite Balls have these qualities -- just like they also found.  After finding the first Calcite ball, I was SO blown away by its energy that I ordered more of them from a few different sources.  And tho I was careful to describe that they must be translucent and have rainbows if held to the light, when they came they were "lifeless".  These ones I just found recently and am listing DO have these energetic qualities.  Looking into these balls is like looking into many dimensions.  You see levels and levels in them.  And holding them to a light source rainbows are seen also.  These are a few manifestations of their unique potentials.

I am offering these balls with a free hand-carved mountain Cypress stand from Africa.  I have found this wood to have a powerful sacred frequency.  The Calcite balls and this wood, called Thule wood (pronounced too lah, silent h) enhance each other's frequency.  Each ball looks so much better in person than these images show! Please feel free to contact me anytime.  (These balls look more similar than shown in the photos with the light reflection.)

Calcite balls roughly 65mm, with free sacred mountain Cypress stand  $36
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Calcite Ball A  $36

Calcite Ball B  $36

Calcite Ball C  $36