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Chalcedony is a wonderfully serene yet powerful stone.  It is a stone mentioned in the Bible and it emits wonderful Spiritual energy and it also has very calm, soothing frequencies.  Chalcedony is a very nurturing stone that absorbs and dissipates negative energies and promotes brotherhood and working together.  It is a stone that comes in many pastel colors.

These Lariats are wonderful!  They go great with almost everything.  Both have Sterling Silver clasps.
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16.5" $28 Lariat has blue Fluorite: Revitalizes, inspires creativity and orderliness. Amethyst: stone of Spirituality and elevated frequency. Faceted Quartz: Stone of Enlightenment powerful energy amplifier and for healing. Increases your bio-magnetic field, shields against radiation and raises your energy frequency. Blue Chalcedony around the neck (see above meanings) + a few Amethysts.

18" $28 I also have this with the matte purple Czech glass, with a Lariat that has Green Chalcedony on the bottom,  Blue Jade center: brings inner Peace and Serenity, and Amethyst on top.
16" $28 With Green + Blue Chalcedony (see meanings above) with Blue Jade on top of the lariat.  Blue Jade brings inner peace + serenity.  
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18" $27 Wonderful, serene and soothing sky blue Chalcedony.  Sterling Silver clasp with delicate gold Czech Glass.

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