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Earrings Designed with Lovely Vintage Brass
& Interesting Finds from Around the World

A  B.  C.
These 3 have lovely Vintage Brass.  The Gold leaf is 3/4".   The last two have antiqued teardrops that are 1/2" (teardrop length only).
A. 14kgf wires, Large Baroque Pearls, for Serenity & Integrity  $26
B. Copper wires (good for sensitive ears), Gold Pearls  $19
C. Copper wires, lovely Multi-faceted Smokey Quartz (transmutes negativities) with copper Pearls $19

  F. G.
I love these wonderful vintage brass disks. The disks themselves are 1" in diameter.

F. Special Ruby Zoisite, genuine Rubies running through (for awakening of your true self & connection to the Divine). Copper wires. $27
G. 14kgf wires with very special blue Himalayan Kyanite with sacred energy, Amethyst stone of Spirituality.  $27  ON SALE $21
H. Blue Lapis, stone of Total Awareness, with red Rhodonite,  stone for developing inner talents. Copper wires. $24  Special SALE $19
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