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Earrings Designed of Natural Stones
& Interesting Finds from Around the World

1a. One-of-a-kind Vintage Brass Leaves,       1b. Tiger Eye, Stone of Intuition with striking        1c. Smokey Crystals, rare blue        1d. Striking Multi-facet Smokey Quartz, vintage
 Amethyst + Himalayan Blue Kyanite            vintage Bohemian black/bronze glass, Copper      Jade, light Amethyst, Sterling SIlver   Bohemian Black/bronze glass. Sterling  Silver     

 1a. One-of-a-kind Vintage Brass Leaves wih Amethyst + special Himalayan Kyanite. Both have a very sacred high frequency. $19.95
1b. Tiger Eye: Mystic stone of opening Intuitive abilities.. With vintage Bohemian Glass + Copper. $14     
1c.  Special Austrian cut Smokey Crystal, faceted Smokey Quartz transmutes negativities (on top), with rare Malaysian blue Jade and light Amethyst
1d  Multi-faceted Champagne Smokey Quartz, transmutes negativities, with
All of these 4 have Sterling Silver wires.
2a. Amethyst, Genuine Sapphires + Emeralds    2b Angelite Blue Jade        2c Green + Blue Chalcedony, Amazonite     2d. Red Jasper, blue Lapis

2a.  Lovely Amethyst, stone of Spirituality + high frequency. Genuine Sapphires,
2b.  Angelite, stimulates the 3rd Eye and Crown chakras.  Rare blue Jade,  spiritual knowledge and clarity.  Sterling Silver
2c.  Green + Blue Chalcedony, soothes your energy field. Apatite on top, psychic activation. Sterling Silver,  $21
2d.  Fun, casual Red Jasper, stone of Strength, Lapis stone of Total Awareness and divine frequencies.  Sterling Silver.  $12
 Very light Citrine, Stone of Prosperity. With Black Onyx, Intuition and Copper. $10