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Earrings with Genuine Emeralds + Sapphires
Feel free to contact me at the link below. I'm happy to do custom orders. Thanks!
I also design for bridal parties to match the wedding colors and style.

A.  B.  C.
A. 10mm baroque Pearls with genuine Sapphires. The actual color is navy. (C. has med. blue Sapphires). Sterling Silver wires.  $28

B. I also have these white Pearls with a genuine Emerald and Sapphires. The Pearl is white, despite the reflection. $28

C. Pearls with a lighter genuine Sapphire & Sterling wires. NOTE: sapphire color is NOT turquoise as in the image.  It is a med. blue. $28

D.  E.
D. 12mm Large baroque Pearls with genuine Emeralds, Sapphires and Amethyst.  Sterling Silver wires.  $32

E. Genuine Emeralds, Amethyst and med. blue Sapphires.  Sterling Silver wires. $28

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