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Natural Stone Pendants
with Wonderful Healing Energies.  All set in Sterling Silver

I usually wear 3 Gemstone Pendants with spacers in between. They bring wonderful energy through your day.

Black Tourmaline in Sterling Silver.  Powerful stone of Protection. Draws off negative energies and also protects you from electromagnetic pollution from cell phones, computers, microwaves, tv's etc.  A wonderful stone to wear.  Left stone is almost 2".  Middle and right are an inch more or less.
LEFT large Black Tourmaline:  SOLD

CENTER Black Tourmaline: ON SALE, $19
RIGHT Black Tourmaline: ON SALE, $19

 About One Inch high.    
Chiastolite Cross Stone with a natural Crusader's Cross of even-sided black arms. This has a "Rose Cross" type center. Set in Sterling Silver. Each is about 1". These often sell for over $100. Chiastolite is highly Protective stone. Carried in ancient times to ward off ill-wishing and curses. Transmutes dissension and negativity into harmony. Dispels negative thoughts + feelings.  Known as a gateway to understanding mysteries.

Circular Chiastolite:  ON SALE, $20  (Pendants of this stone sell for $50+ to $177)

Pink Tourmaline. Normally costly stone. Heals the heart. Calming stone, relieves physical + emotional stress by its Lithium content. Teal Fluorite. Another costly stone of Healing. Cleanses the aura. Effective against computers etc. Powerful stone for balacing the brain + using both brain hemispheres, enhancing mental and intuitive-psychic abilities.

LEFT Pink Tourmailine: ON SALE,  $22
Right Pink Tourmaline:  SOLD

LEFT Teal Fluorite:  
CENTER Teal Fluorite:  
RIGHT Teal Fluorite:  

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