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Leather + Lace   (Contact me first if you need by Christmas)
Special Sale price: $44  (regular retail &78)
Designed with large, lustrous Baroque Pearls on Bronze or Gold Leather Cord
38" Rope that is SO versatile.
* Wear  it  as  a  Long  Rope
  * Wrap twice around the neck
* Wrap it 5x around the wrist
Your Favorite New Bracelet !

     You'll LOVE it as a 5-strand bracelet!   (Bronze cord in images)

The regular retail for this is $78. I've put it on Special Sale for $66. It's a good idea to contact me and tell me your wrist size.  I will make sure it wraps Perfectly + comfortably 5x around your wrist.

NOTE!  I can make it on the bronze cord left,  Natural Tan (a little lighter than shown) or bright Aztec Gold on the right.

Leather & Lace Rope on BRONZE Leather cord  ON SALE  $44
Leather + Lace Rope on Natural Tan Leather: ON SALE $44
Leather + Lace Rope on Bright Aztec Gold Leather: ON SALE $44
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