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Amethyst Necklaces
Stone of Spirituality. Of such high Frequency it elevates your Frequencies.
SALE  PRICES - All marked down 25-30%

A.  B
Amethyst Tassle Necklace with other stones $22    Amethyst Nugget Lariat + Chalcedony $19.75
A. 17" + 3" Tassel necklace.  On SALE  $22

B.  16" + 3" Lariat necklace.  On SALE  $19.50

C.  D
Gorgeous Amethyst, Blue Maylasian Jade & Apatite    Amethyst Nugget with Antiqued Czech Glass
C. 19"  And So much more gorgeous than the image shows. Love this Amethyst (Spirituality + high frequency) recetable.  Blue Jade (serenity, patience) ,         blue Apatite (Inspiration, Manifestation)  $27

D. 18"  Amethyst Nugget , other Amethyst + antiqued Bronze Czech Glass.  Solid Copper  (master conductor, elevates frequencies) clasp & Beads.  $18.