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Lovely Lustrous High Grade
Baroque Pearl Bracelets
Sale Priced - Was $32  $18.75

Gorgeous lustrous Peach & 3-tone Pearls. With Dangles + Gems
Pearls are for Serenity, Integrity and Purity

Top. 7.5" All Peach Pearls with Mother-of-Pearl leaf dangle. ALL on Sale: $18.75

2nd 7.5" Peach, Mauve & White Pearls with Pink Rhodochrosite:(Enlivening, happiness). Pearl dangle.

3rd 7 3/4" All Peach Pearls with a Peach Coin Pearl Dangle. (Fits fine on my 7" wrist.)

Bottom Bracelet 7 3/4 - 8" with pastel stones of Jade (dream stone) Green + Lavender Chalcedony (serene spirituality).  I can wear it on my 7" wrist also.
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