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23.5" Aromatic Cedar Flute
with Superb Tone Quality
I researched native American flutes for months to get the very best tone quality.  This is a High Spirits G flute  --  the Best because of its larger diameter or bore, allowing very rich tones.  Made of a particularly beautiful piece of Aromatic Red Cedar with gorgeous knots and colorings.  Cedar is a superior wood for tone quality.

Interestingly Cedar is considered a sacred wood.  Only selling it because I got another High Spirits Aromatic Red Cedar Flute. My cost was $189 + shipping.  Selling for $170.

Custom Case made with pvc pipe for its specific size. It's a lovely tan/bronze with sturdy shoulder strap and handle.  Inside is a thick fleece lining with double padding on top and bottom. Brand new condition. Cost $85 + shipping. Selling for $48.

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