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Designs with Stunning
Genuine Sapphires
and Emeralds
YES! These are Genuine Sapphires and Emeralds!
I was thrilled to get Genuine Sapphires and Emeralds at an amazing price.  Right from the source!
Passing on my incredible good fortune to you with these designs, while retaining the good prices.
I was able to get each in two different shades. 
Gorgeous 10mm high grade Baroque Pearls with Azure Blue Genuine Sapphires and lovely rare  turquoise Chalcedony. With a large Sterling Silver clasp, 16" or 19".
16" Sapphire, Pearl, Chalcedony necklace, $43

19" Sapphire, Pearl, Chalcedony necklace, $46

Earrings with one 10mm Pearl and an Azure blue Sapphire on top. Sterling Silver French wires  $18


Yes! These are Genuine Sapphires AND Emeralds with 12mm + 10mm lustrous White Pearls! Right from he source in the Mid-East. With Golden-Bronze Pearls and a Sterling Silver clasp.  I have 2 16" one.  I also have ONE 17 1/4" necklace like this but with WHITE pearls in place of the Golden-Bronze ones.
16" White + Bronze Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire necklace $45
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17 1/4" All white Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire necklace $45

Earrings with one 10mm  lustrous Pearl and a dark Sapphire on top and on the bottom. On Sterling Silver French wires. $20

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