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Earrings with Lustrous Pearls - Sterling Silver wires
Feel free to contact me anytime at the link below. I am happy to do custom designs.
Bridal parties are a specialty of mine. I can exactly match the wedding colors and style.

A.  B. C.
A. 10mm Lustrous white baroque Pearls. $15 Sterling Silver wires. (These are perfectly White, despite the shading in the image.)

B. Gray, Peach and White Pearls with Sterling Silver wires.  $18

C. White Pearls with soft, lovely blue Chalcedony. Sterling Silver  $16  (Perfectly white Pearls despite the image shading color.)

D. E. F.
D.  Small lovely peach Pearls, Sterling Silver wires.  $13

E.  Peach/Mauve teardrop Pearls with sparkling Czech peach crystals. Sterling SIlver wires. $15

F.  Lovely  White and Gold Pearls.  Sterling Silver wires  $18
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