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I am so excited to offer these powerful stones!
 Like my other jewelry, wear these to elevate your frequency and improve your day.  
is an immensely Spiritual stone. It cleanses and purifies your aura and your being in meditation.  I love it SO MUCH I wear 3 pendants with a spacer in between each.  Kunzite also elevates your frequency.  
The 2 bottom ones are in the rough. There is something VERY special about the energy frequencies from these Kunzites in the rough.  (I am wearing one right now.)

Kunzite ranges in color from clear to yellow, green, aqua, blue, and lavender.

Incredibly Powerful Kunzite set in Sterling Silver. C, F, H, I and J are sold

A - F $18.  Set in Sterling Silver.  C and F have sold

Button below is for Pendant A
Button below is for Pendant B
Pendant C is Sold
Button below is for Pendant D
Button below is for Pendant E
Pendant F is Sold
G - J  $22  H, I and J have sold 

Button Below is for Pendant G
Pendants H, I and J are SOLD

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