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Rose Quartz

These are a lovely grade of Rose Quartz.  Rose Quartz is a gentle stone of Love.  It helps to dissolve one's sense of isolation and mistrust. and moves into a sense of union with the All. Its soothing vibration is a balm to the emotions and they calm  and cleanse the entire auric field.  It helps relieve stress and the dissolution of anger and resentment.  It is a significant stone to wear and to keep in one's environment.

20" Necklace of Love. With Dangles of Rose Quartz: Stone of Love and valuable pink Rhodochrosite, which is considered a precious rather than semi-precious stone.  It is a stone of Emotional Healing and also Recovery of Lost Memories and also a stone of Loce.  With "Cherry Quartz aroun the necklace, Czech Glass seed beads at the ends and Steel clasp.
20" Rose Quartz Rhodochrosite Necklace  $35.
Matching 7"-7 1'2" Bracelet with lovely large Baroque Pearl  $19
16" Rose Quartz: Stone of Love +Lovely Pearls, Sterling clasp $33             Petite 15" Rose Quartz fan necklace with Mother-of-Pearl  $25.

16" Rose Quartz Pearl Dangle Necklace:  $33
15" Rose Quartz fan with Mother-of-Pearl:  $25

16" Darling lovely Rose Quartz: stone of Love with sweet Baroque pink/peach Pearls.  Sterling Silver clasp.  $23

16" Rose Quartz with Pink Pearls:  $23

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