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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a gentle stone of Love.  It helps to dissolve one's sense of isolation and mistrust. and moves into a sense of union with the All. Its soothing vibration is a balm to the emotions and they calm  and cleanse the entire auric field.  It helps relieve stress and the dissolution of anger and resentment.  It is a significant stone to wear and to keep in one's environment.

These Rose Quartz stones are lovely.  Each necklace is about 17" long, with a large Sterling Silver clasp  and lariat dangles about 3".  The one on the left has a one-of-a-kind gorgeous Pearl Nugget center with other lustrous Baroque Pearls. Pearls are for Integrity and Serenity.  The necklace on the right has a Citrine center which is the stone of Abundant Prosperity.  And they each have delicate Czech Glass sead beads in between the stones.  
In ancient times merchants would carry Citrine stones in their pockets to ensure a day of prosperity.

Rose Quartz Pearl Nugget Lariat,  $34

Rose Quartz Citrine Lariat, $23

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