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Known as "Solidified Light"
Selenite is a wonderful tool to use for its soothing and healing properties.  It helps bring spiritual Light into a room.  Some people have Selenite in every corner or dispersed throughout a room.  It is also known as a stone of spiritual activation and communion with the higher self, spirit guides and angels.

And it just feels so wonderful!  All the wands are great for massage.  And along with the worry stones each Selenite is great to hold and/or to have near you.

Wonderful Selenite Massage Wands.  Each 6" long.   $18 each
A. Left,  1 1/8" diameter base    B. ctr. 1 5/8" diameter base     C. right: 1 7/8" diameter base

A. 1 1/8" x 6" Massage Wand, $18

B. 1 5/8" x 6" Massage Wand, $18

C.. 1 5/8" x 6" Massage Wand, $18

     D.                         E.                          F.                            G.

Each wand is about 6" long. Use for Massage or for Light support in a room. Some point a want at the 3rd eye and place it above the head while laying down.  Also good to place around a room as bringers of Light energy.  $10.95 each.

D. Far left Selenite Wand  $10.95
E. 2nd from left Selenite Wand  $10.95
F. 3rd from left Selenite Wand  $10.95
G. Far right Selenite Wand  $10.95

 H.  I.
Selenite "worry stones" feel great to hold.  They bring serenity and Ligh frequencies into your body.  $12.95 each.

H. Left worry stone, 2 7/8" long  $12.95

I. Right worry stone, 2 5/8" long   $12.95

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