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Retreat At The Edge of Eternity
Click image for details. Signed limited edition prints in mats available.
(Floor pattern symbolizes the evolution of human dna, and the center colors represent awakening of the upper chakras.)

10" x 8" original pastel, now framed. Contact me if you are interested in the original. See print below.

                    8x10 signed print in an 11x14 black mat  $22
Sunrise at Arches:  8" x 10" pastel.  Contact me if you are interested in the original
Inspired by a breathtaking drive through Arches National Park at sunrise en route from Colorado to Sedona in the early 1980s
Signed 8 x 10" print in a black 11 x 14" mat.  $22

                                                                Sacred Space: A Long Journey's End                         Sacred Space: Hidden Wisdom
                                                                     25 x 13.5 inch pastel painting                              8 x 4 inch very small pastel painting
                                                    Original sold. Contact me for a signed, matted print

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