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Tibetan Power Point Quartz Pendants
I wrapped them in Copper, master conductor of higher frequencies. With other powerful gemstones.
I was so excited to get these stones, and I got them direct from Tibet.  Copper enhances both their frequencies as well as that of the stones on them. Each has a lovely twisted solid Copper ring on top and comes with a Free Leather Cord.  They range in size 1" to 1 1/2" and are on sale for $27.
You can check the Gemstone Meanings page to learn about the stones on these pendants.

A. With Himalayan Blue Kyanite     B. Smokey Chakra Activator    C. Pink Rhodochrosite    D. Gold, Garnet + Lapis    E. Amethyst

A. Tibetan Double-Terminated Quartz with powerful black inclusions + powerful Himalayan Blue Kyanite
B. Tibetan Smokey Quartz Chakra Activator
C. Tibetan Double-Terminated Quartz power twin with pink Rhodochrosite
D. Tibetan Quartz Gold over Hematite, Garnet, Lapis pendant
E. Tibetan Double-Terminated Quartz with Amethyst

F Upper Smokey Amethyst   G Champagne Smokey Chakra Activator

F. Tibetan Smokey Quartz with Amethyst stone
G. Tibetan Smokey Quartz Chakra Activator pendant
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